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Welcome to my website - I am EXCITED you stopped by!

The universe leads you where you need to be.  You did not arrive here by accident!   

I work with serious clients who are dedicated to changing their energy, their attractions in life and their methods for achieving the next level of success.  Those who are serious about following my process will ultimately be able to tap into their energy, learn to trust their gut and follow the universal signals to experience limitless potential.  As your personal advisor into the world of the unknown, we will form a bond and a trust that is unique to your situation. 

Are you looking to:

  • Elevate your your life happiness and purpose to the next level?  
  • Be the most powerful version of yourself?
  • Breakthrough your limiting beliefs and find your Super Soul Self?

If your answer is YES, I am so glad we found each other!

We will begin by opening your mind to new possibilities.  We work with your Spirit to decoding the messages the universe provides, thus giving you the clarity you seek to make decisions - both big and small. With my gift to reach the Spiritual side, together we will discover your purpose and the joy it brings when you sharing it with the world. 

Finding your purpose will provide clarity as you will be tapping into your energy and using it as your guide when navigating your life. Clarity is such a gift as it allows you to never again feel unsure about where you want to be, or where you are going. Trusting the proven process allows you to use this intuitive power to augment success and find true happiness. 

I am thrilled and fulfilled to help my clients make energetic and spiritual transformations once they open up their minds to receiving the messages the universe is serving. I will teach you how to uncover and trust these messages so you can be certain you are following the right path.  I’m blessed to understand the universal energy and the powerful forces that open up a clear path to complete personal and professional bliss.  


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"Thank you Lisa for an incredible session last week! I have so much energy and enthusiasm now and total clarity too! I’m excited about the work you helped me map out to launch with my husband. And I’m totally grateful for the guidance about my team–I’ve already made some changes and feel so much more aligned and lighter. I’ve never had so much actionable vision for now and the next 5 years of my life. Watch out world! Thank you Lisa!"

Violet Lange

""Loving Ass kicker… This is a great description of whom you will be working with when enrolling with Lisa. If you are really committed to your soul-evolution, Lisa is the ONE. It is a wild ride as you look at “things” you don’t want to see and feel “stuff” you don’t want to feel. All along, Lisa will make sure you are cared for and loved. Her unique ability to connect with spirits and see the future to guide us on the right path is a HUGE asset & I am not sure where I would be now if it wasn’t for all the learning, growing and evolving I went through (and still am) during our sessions. Being an individual who is committed to my own soul-evolution, I am definitely continuing my work with Lisa and recommend her to anyone who is ready to do the same.""

Julie Anne Christophe

"If you don’t know Lisa LaJoie perhaps you may want to. I have to say, her intuitive guidance made an incredible difference to me when I was in the hospital. I will be forever grateful for the thought provoking questions she asked me that helped me see my situation differently, her ability to help me let go of some emotional baggage that was causing stress in my life and for the channeled guidance she gave me to calm my spirit during crisis. The day of surgery, she offered me some words and thoughts to make myself feel calm and to embrace what was happening. She is a real gift in this world and I adore her and trust her implicitly. She is amazing. If you’ve ever wondered about working with someone like her, she is the real deal. Honest, beautiful, caring and full of love and I can’t recommend her enough."

Lisa Larter

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