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HIGH PERFORMERS and SPIRITUAL SEEKERS it would be my greatest honour to help you unlock your HIGHER POTENTIAL SELF.

My name is Lisa LaJoie I'm so glad we found each other!


Are You An Entrepreneur and Purpose Driven Career Professional or Seeker of Consciousness?

Have you been burned because you make emotional business or partnership decisions? Lost bids and contracts due to lack of self-confidence? Know you are meant to accomplish so much more but aren't sure what is disrupting your life happiness and business dealings? Have you been wondering how to access your higher potential self and live your purpose?

Hi there I'm Lisa LaJoie and I often get asked to explain my unique intuition mentoring work so let me start there and explain what I do for business people and people seeking inner transformation. I help powerful people like you avoid bad business deals and instead experience profitable partnerships that make their spirits soar and I'm going to say it like it is!

I understand high performers, transformers, rockstar entrepreneurs, seekers of wisdom and a-type souls ready for massive up-leveling in their personal and professional lives.  I work with sincere clients who are dedicated to transforming whatever they need to in order to live their purpose, change their energy, their attractions in life and their methods for achieving the next levels of success. I've learnt along time ago if you are not willing to make change nothing changes.

I've been there and I know how much focus and dedication it takes to heal, transform and make shift happen. Those who are serious about following my proven process will be able to tap into their personal power, learn to trust their gut and follow the universal signals to experience their greatest potential.  As your personal advisor into the world of the unknown, we will form a bond and a trust that is unique to your situation.

I help eliminate the interference that would take my client’s money away from them. I am like a goalie protecting the net for my client’s financial dealings.

I work in partnership with my clients to accomplish real deal success.

My aim is to help professionals and seekers prevent bad business deals and life decisions.

Is it time for you to release those stuck emotions that block you from reaching new heights of self and life?

Uncover ancient wisdom, inner gifts and powers locked deep down inside you!

  • Are you still seeking? Know you're different, know you resonate on an alternate frequency? Not sure what to do with it all?

  • How would your life change if you become the powerful Soul-purposed being you came to this planet to be? Are you aware of how much guidance awaits you in your higher consciousness?

  • If you elevated your energy field and stepped into the fullness of who you at a core? Would you recognize yourself?


These deeply personal questions, when asked in deep consideration, and their answers will tell you if you are ready to be free to unlock your highest purpose.

My mission is to provide the tools to tap into the cosmic guidance awaiting you from your trusted Soul-tribe and your True Source Self that knows everything about you and what has been going on with both, your inner and outer worlds.


  • Discover and realign you with your soul frequency.
  • Make the higher connections to your abundance mindset.
  • Pull together your emotional and spiritual energy bodies.
  • Make energy pattern shifts that are the necessary adjustments to reconnect you with your higher self resources.
  • Once aligned with your Divine source, your ability to manifest your desired life and soul-based purpose becomes more natural and fluid.
Would you like to discover what you need book a call with me here!

This is for you if you are ready to have a mentor in your life who partners with you in support of your purposed-motivated work!

It's time for your higher potential self to be awakened! Stop Losing Your Resources, Opportunities, Prosperity, Profits and Yourself in Other Peoples Opinions of Your Purpose!

Interested but not ready to jump quite yet?  Not to worry, you have several choices.

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  2.  read my blogs and listen to my podcasts; begin to get to know your spiritual self and face your fearful limits one episode at a time.

  3.  or you could choose to face your fear jump in anyway because you are a warrior, and stop wasting your precious time.


If you are ready to finally face your limiting beliefs head-on and find your “Super Soul Self “. . . then you are ready to work with me!


I channel the Universal intuitive insights and actionable advice awaiting you, the messages for your soul, directions on your life purpose monetization, clarity on questions you don't know how to find solutions for and what needs real attention in any area of your life,  your relationships, your business or career.



One-on-one private no-nonsense coaching. If you're ready to stop staying small and you want to get your shift done then this is for you. We offer a variety of packages to get you started. My true intention is to get your mission and purpose aligned and gets you into a place to create as in your life and business.



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