Spiritual Intuitive Mastery 

A course designed to activate your Divine essence, own your manifesting power and  become a conscious and fun leader in your own life!

Explode in your Soul's purpose with powerful clarity and confidence.




Be in the company of others on the same spiritual journey as you. Experience all the support and guidance you need for powerful transformations with Lisa during the journey of advancing in your spirituality.


You will have learning unlocked to you each week on such topics as...The Laws of Creation and how to use them, the power of your chakras, the 7 planes of existence and your intuitive and spiritual gifts.


This course brings consciousness activations for your chakra system, energy rebalancing and clearings and a deepening of your core self with meditation and much more from Lisa's 20+ years of energy work.

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Join other Spiritual Powerhouses in this breakthrough program and launch your light into the world like a boss.

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Becoming your own Spiritual Warrior...

Imagine upgrading and discovering fierce faith in yourself, all while receiving soul activations, up-leveling your inner gifts, releasing blocks and emotional limitations, transformational core work, tapping scripts to support you making your impact in the world, personalized intuitive divine message downloads, energized clarity sessions and surprise channelings with Lisa from the Masters. Exciting RIGHT? 

Don't miss this evolutionary 6 month program where you will master your reality and be the highest version of your Soul-Self possible.

It is YOUR time to fly to new heights!


Every month we deep dive into a mastery topic allowing you to build up your practice and we want you to know that Lisa will be there each week to help and mentor you. The course allows you to move through the lessons with ease as you leverage your learning with the help of weekly video and/or audio teachings. Here are some of the exciting topic you will master !

Everything you need to know about your own intuition and  how to hear the messages. 

Clear beliefs that block you from accessing your intuition and how to strategically use it for your prosperity and abundance.

How to control your energy and the energy passed on to you. A must for empaths!

Get in touch with the energy blocks that might be in your way and how to release them.


An in depth breakdown of the chakra system, including how to hear their guidance.

Learn how to incorporate practices to activate and deactivate your chakras.

A breakdown of each of the planes of existence and the Laws of the Universe.

Connect with your helpers on the other side (spirit guides, angels and ascended masters).

Finding your truth is the first step to creating change and transforming your life. 

Practical methods for breaking through old beliefs and patterns that no longer serve you.

Bring all the knowledge you have learned and incorporate them into your business and life.

Create the life you want with new found confidence and power.


Lisa LaJoie is a master intuitive who helping people seeking higher levels of personal transformation and evolution, and business owners who want to be ahead of their success opportunities. She is a clairvoyant success coach, speaker, intuition expert and owner of the conscious empowerment company Tapping Into It, Inc. She was born with the gift of receiving messages from Spirit. Today, she uses this gift to tune in and help people quickly find answers to life’s tough questions, easily navigate life changing experiences, reach new business successes, find soul and life purpose, passion and profits. She helps clients skyrocket their abundance and connect to their higher calling.

In addition, Lisa offers groundbreaking courses and workshops and hosts international enlightening retreats that are geared towards elevating all levels of your consciousness, your dreams, your business and your spiritual practice. Lisa works with women around the world and believes that women have a sacred intuitive power that needs to be tapped into. 

"Lisa is a cornucopia of knowledge. Her wealth of knowledge, wisdom, respect and experience was truly impressive. Her teachings on the planes of existence and chakras were fascinating and were enhanced with visual aids, and guided meditations. It helped make spirituality a tangible concept for me. It was not only valuable in terms of learning, but it was also fun and I found my meditations improved after being on this retreat. My ability to ground, quiet my mind and connect was both simpler and easier. Bonus!"

Tammy Italiano
Garderie Les Petits Bio

"After a 6 month Soul MasterMind with Lisa last year, I had the opportunity to take part in her Spiritual Mastery retreat. During the retreat, I was able to weave together the piecemeal teachings I had gathered over many decades. Lisa's sense of humour, compassion, truth-telling and accurate intuition help translate her knowledge to her students in a deeply transformational way. I left with a deeper understanding of spiritual tools & gifts as well as how to access them within my own life, business and spiritual practice."

Jessica Dawn Séguin

Own yourself fully and learn to FLY!

My mastery course is designed to teach you how to connect, discover and experience the power of your intuitive self and to unlock the miracles of your Soul. It's time to upgrade and understand how the Universe works. This learning brings you into an entirely new realm of spiritual know how.

We'll tap into your magical gifts, while inspiring and supporting you in becoming your highest potential self.

We all have access to the inner magic of being a Soul-based being. - Lisa xo

Frequently Asked Questions

We have created an application process because this course is very specific and does require some prior knowledge about spirituality. We need to ensure that students are all around the same level of learning when they begin.

The application process is as follows: You will be asked to fill out a form and if your application form is approved, you will move into the next phase of the application process which is a call with Lisa to go over all the details of the course.

When you get through the application process and are accepted into the course, you will receive payment information and a coaching contract to sign. Finally, once your payment is processed, you will receive an email letting you know when your first module will be unlocked. 

The course is always open, so students can join at different times and therefore you will be joining people who are at different stages of the course. This will be extremely helpful as you will have the support of others in the Facebook Group. And of course, I will be with you the whole way through for you to ask questions and share your experiences with.

No matter when you begin, you are in the course for a full 6 months from your start date.



We get on Zoom, which is a video conferencing platform we use, to meet live twice a week! The dates and times will be sent to you when you are in the course.

I will be there to support you and answer any questions you have along the way and you will be able to practice your learning wit your peers.

If ever you cannot make the calls, you will be able to listen back to the replay, so  you do not miss anything.

Everyday there will be potential interaction in the group with like-minded spiritual beings, yes yes yes!

We have a private Facebook group created solely for paid members of Spiritual Intuitive Mastery Mastermind. This is a place for you to share experiences throughout your practice, ask questions, support each other and receive bonus videos from Lisa!

If you are not familiar with Facebook, do not fret, a member of our team will be available to help you set things up.


Of course she will! How can you learn how to evolve without having a mentor guiding you in the experience! 

YES,  but you need to be in the program to find out all the juicy details!

There may even be more than one....oooooolalala !

Lisa is very open to people with their financial experiences so she prefers having a conversation with you personally, one-on-one instead of turning people off without being able to support them if they really want to be in the process.

Once your application form is approved, you will receive an email to set up a call with Lisa.

Realize you are ready to become the Master of your destiny?

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