Get ready to have one of the most powerful tools in your back pocket for your life!

This is an invitation for you to learn Tarot with the right foundations. Our teaching of the Tarot is as a spiritual life tool so you can have guidance right at your fingertips anytime you need!


An Ancient Tool for Universal Guidance


Do you know how Tarot can help your spiritual development, personal insights, transformations, life decisions and be a guiding force to hear universal messages for personal challenges and changes?

Our Tarot for Newbies is everything you need to show you how Tarot can:  

  • Guide you in your daily life.  
  • Help you access your full intuitive potential.  
  • Help you tap into your own inner wisdom.
  • and so much more....keep reading.

Without proper guidance, it is easy for a Tarot beginners to get lost in the hundreds of spreads and contradictory card interpretations. You can breathe easy because in this course for beginners you will learn basic fundamentals and traditional meanings.

My team and I are Tarot alchemists and experts with successful strategies for beginners to overcome many of the common challenges that arise. Within a few short months, many of our students have became much more clear and confident in their reading ability with much more ease.

What Tarot is and what it is not. How you can use it, how to choose and protect your deck and how to get started.

Understanding of the cards and what they represent, what is the correct Tarot mindset. The healing powers of Tarot.

Understanding The Fool Journey, one of the most important cards. Who he/her is and why its important.

The meanings of each 22 Major Arcana cards and the 3 evolution planes within them: material, emotional + spiritual. 

The meaning behind all Minor Arcana cards. What the four suits of Cups, Swords, Pentacles and Wands each represent.

The meaning behind each court card and what Pages, Knights, Queens and Kings represent overall.

Best practices, mindset and rituals to prepare yourself for a reading. How to clear + pick your cards + start to use specific spreads.

You have foundational tools now its time for what are your next steps to becoming a Tarot alchemist?

Sounds like exactly what I need.. I AM SO IN!

The meanings of the major arcana, minor arcana, and court cards.

The importance of creating a  personalized connection to your Tarot deck.

How to clear and cleaning your deck.

Powerful techniques for interpreting the cards and their messages.

Who's the Fool and what's his Journey through the Major Arcana, which are the deep lessons in the Tarot?

The various phases of the Major, how they reflect human experiences, and how to identify which you are in.

How to clearly interpret the minor arcana cards in each of their suits.

How to do your first readings.


By the end of the course you will...

  • have a deeper understanding and spiritual connection with the Tarot card experience.

  • develop the ability to interpret the Tarot card meanings more confidently.

  • have a good foundation which is imperative to set the tone for your future success as a reader.

  • be able to use Tarot to transform your life and find support for challenging experiences.

  • never again be scared or shocked by the so called ‘bad’ Tarot cards because you’ll learn how to use them as helpers.

  • build lasting relationships with like-minded individuals.