Let the universe be your guide.

The universe is always sending powerful messages about your business, your life and your path. If you have trouble receiving them, you may be missing out on wisdom and opportunities.

As a certified coach, business intuitive and life strategist, I am able to tap into the energies and your higher guides. I ask the right questions in order to strategize and create actionable insights to accelerate your transformations into success.

I love working with spiritual seekers and business owners like you and watching your brilliance unfold! Soul-powered living is the best living and, I believe, the best path to running a successful life and business.

But a word of warning: I have no time for bullshit. I only work with people, organizations and companies that are ready to work their assets off for massive results. There is nothing woo-woo or wishy-washy about what I do (though it is supernaturally fun), and I only work with those who are done with the suffering and ready to take action for rapid transformation.

In addition to my psychic, medium readings, one-on-one coaching and guidance, I also offer a revolutionary brand of spiritual teaching and transformational truth breakthroughs to large groups of all kinds.

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My Journey

As a child, I knew things about people I could not know. For many years I did not understand that not everyone had the visions of the future that I had. Some of my visions were not very pretty, and I did not know what to do with them or how to protect myself.

My childhood was anything but ideal and, at my darkest moment, my soulful instincts, intuition, and warrior spirit joined forces and ignited my power to save myself when no one else could or would.

I pulled myself from darkness into the light, and for over 20 years, I have been blessed to be able to do the same for many others. Using my metaphysical healing knowledge and natural born gift of intuition, I am able to save other people from weeks, months and even years of angst.

It is fitting that my last name means joy, because that is what my gifts ultimately helped me find, and what I have helped bring to so many others.


My purpose

My purpose is to help people on their journey, to help them explore and cultivate their own Spiritual powers and intuitive abilities. I want others to experience their greatest life purpose, discover the power of their Spirit, and shine their light into the world for all others to see, feel and be inspired by. That is what I was brought here to do. I know this from the bottom of my heart.



Official Bio

“We all have unique gifts to share with the world. Mine just happens to be the gift of connecting to the other side. I see every obstacle put in our path as an opportunity to grow and I look forward to meeting you on the path to higher places.” 

- Lisa LaJoie


Lisa LaJoie embodies her namesake, joy.  She experiences grateful happiness from helping others overcome their limitations to live to their full potential.  She works with each of her clients to open up the spiritual channels that will uncover their true purpose. Lisa uses her unique gifts to navigate the messages and blocks the universe is sending to help her clients reach their ultimate success in life.  The most important lesson Lisa will help her clients uncover is the ability to understand how to release powerful activation and inner freedom to experience their full potential.  

Lisa experienced abuse, set-backs and a near death experience that left her near bankruptcy, both spiritual and financial.  She understood that to overcome any personal obstacle, you need to tap into the intuitive knowledge of the universe. By doing so, and believing in the potential of humanity, she picked herself up, recognized her strength and built a successful coaching and guiding business to help others reach their full potential.

Lisa immediately puts her clients at ease, allowing her to tap into their unique innate source codes that lead to success.  Until you understand your greater purpose, you will be limited in your actions. Lisa unlocks these limitations and guides you to move past them allowing you to see real-time results in your business and your life.  Once you are free from limitation, your business or personal life will thrive.

As a certified Life Coach, Business Intuitive, Spiritual Life Strategist and Teacher, Lisa is able to tap into the energies and higher guides, ask the right questions to strategize and accelerate your transformations into actionable insights. She works best with Spiritual Seekers and Business Owners - she loves nothing more than tapping into their brilliance and watching them thrive.

Lisa leads one-to-one sessions and one-to-many workshops through her customized coaching programs. Her programs are designed to re-discover greatness in oneself and overcome the struggle on an individual limiting belief.  Her approach is honest and built on the science of success for concurring fear while embracing positivity and self-love. 


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