To My Mom, The Divine Gypsy...

As Mother's Day lands upon us. It ignites the love I had for my mother Elayna, my magical mom, a woman with depth and a story that influenced mine with pain and then purpose.

All mothers have a story we must not forget they are people too. They have their own journey of life and all its adversities and agonies, lessons, messes, neglects, ups and downs, dreams broken and fulfilled.

Mothers are people too...

At one time in my life my mother was my enemy, let me be real with you I had reason, she had her own inner mess that influenced her. Many never knew back then, you see we keep our secret story of neglect and pain in a chamber of isolation, neglect and loneliness. Protecting the wrong type of pride the false kind. Today I know my mother lived those exact feelings as she passed them onto me.

My mother was a person too...

My love for her was so deep to the core of my Soul, today I understand we had a profound Soul contract and connection leading us to a place of purposeful learning and a must feeling, of perseverance with each other. I never gave up on her, and she never gave up on me, nor the great love we shared. We always found our way to truth somehow, someway.

My mother was a powerful Soul too...

This was the greatest gift I received from mom, the example of searching for the highest meaning of life lessons and of Spirituality because she had faith in God’s plan. I don’t think she ever really knew that she taught me one of the most powerful ways of being... that seeking the self and the Soul is a high priority of a rich life.

My mother was a spiritual badass too...

When no one else was willing to say "I’m into metaphysical reality" back in the day, my mom was unapologetically doing it. Seeking astrologers, readings about metaphysics, Angels, spirit guides, masters, psychology, mind power, Jesus and his love teachings, life mastery, self help, advanced nutrition, wellbeing she was that seeker inspired by God's Grace to be more.

My mother was a teacher too...

This I am deeply grateful for, without her deep desire to seek the unknown mystical world I would have never known my clairvoyant gifts at that young age. I could always see stuff, stuff I didn’t want to know about the future and people that came true when I was young. We didn't speak of it back then, but as I got older my mother's search for her own Soul was a guiding force for me to find mine, and the deep purpose of my clairvoyant medium gifts and how these gifts could serve others and do.

My mother was an inspiration too…

She was my spiritual pioneer, she lead me to the door and she opened it so I could walk through, and did the same for many others too. Without her I would not be who I am today without her ballsy courage to seek beyond the normal, dip into transformation and seek guidance from teachers beyond her, I would not know myself as I do.

She always shared her wisdom (at times whether we were open to hearing it or not) with a willing desire and heart wanting to help people, especially those she loved find freedom. This aspect of her always grew, as she found her own way through transformation she wanted to share that with everyone to help them find their way.

My mother was a love warrior too…

We had really bad times, hard times, healing times, she and I pushed each other to be way more than either of us could have imagined. Our love was the perseverance when we made each other more mad than any other person ever could in the world. Our love was the glue that made us come back to say, I am sorry, please forgive me, thank you for teaching me, here is my boundary, my true feelings and my deepest love for you.

My desire to love her pushed me to be a better person, to break down the walls of my inner cages and seek to fly closer to her, closer to our Soul's path. Our love propelled me to seek into the mystery of my hidden walls filled with resistance and to find my ability to love when I didn't think I could get over the resentments, the rage and revolution I felt toward her.

My mother was a transformational healer too…

Although at times I felt she ripped my soul from my chest herself, in the end she nourished it with her love, forgiveness and wished for me to be all that I am to be. BUT... it was up to me to get over the past teachings of her inabilities as a mother who influenced me negatively and to see her as a person who didn’t know better so she couldn’t do better, until she did. It was up to me to then step into the magical being I truly am born to be. I am still working on that.

In the end, after our entangled disentanglement journey, we found freedom. For the last 10 plus years of my mother's life the fighting stopped, the healing sank in, the love grew and we understood we had found a new LOVE only we could know - only a Mother and her Daughter can experience.

My mother was a spiritual pilot too…

We were able to fly in new ways, to new levels of love and to a new place in time in our hearts. I was blessed with the greatest love of all, the understanding that LOVE always wins, if we follow it and we are open to see all of its textures and colours, its limits and boundaries and its open valleys and its truest nature. The language of the Universe and Mother Earth breathing as one, sharing the same heartbeat that lives inside of all of us humans.

My mother, a pioneer of women avengers for the Light that we live today, thank you for all that you gave me, so I could continue and upgrade our legacy as Love Warrior Women.

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY MOM and to all the mothers in our world, may you be blessed with the deepest appreciation for all that you do, starting with me here, thank you and bless you all.

AND….to my beautiful butterfly Mom, I love you and cherish you and miss you each day in every way.

Your baby girl,  Lisa xoxoxoxo

I also dedicate this song to us MOM and Alex and Marilyn to love that connects our Gypsy Souls.

Fleetwood Mac, Gypsy:


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Receive free weekly intuitive tips + tools to create the life + business you want, delivered straight to your inbox.

Note: We collect, use, and process your data according to our privacy policy.