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Embracing Ascension

Have you been experiencing a breakdown in your innermost self as we all witness what feels like a decline in humanity lately?

At times, it can be way too easy to lose faith in people, but on the flip side, it can be just as quickly regained.

Lately, we are witnessing the simultaneous rise and fall of humanity and some of its outdated structures. The manipulation of people in power revealed in the present has been going on for many centuries.

Extreme greed, distorted ability, and the inability of people in high ranks of leadership to rise into integrity and care for life, instead, choose to become scary examples of treachery and tyranny. It is frightening, as humanity's real problems are showcasing themselves right before our very eyes.

As a result of this, you may be experiencing certain descension and ascension symptoms in your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual structures as these transcendence battles are occurring. A profound transformation is upon us, and the ability to reach higher levels of consciousness is the mandate if you choose to take it on.

What does this mean?

Descension is the process of moving downwards, dropping, falling, or climbing down. It can be a moral, social, or psychological decline as well. Descension can be of political discourse, a personal deception, or resurrection of past pain, leading to falling inward into unworthiness or old wounds. Falling backward in time, logging back into humanities history or dark time frames, and reigniting those experiences.

Why would we choose descension?

  • We are unresolved, personally, or globally. 
  • We are afraid, and fear breeds more fear and pain.
  • We cannot change; we are comfortable in the control of what is called normal.

Ascension is a form of spiritual awakening that moves you into a higher level of consciousness. When this happens, you may experience some ascension symptoms.

Through the process of ascension, you may get agitated with your life and yourself. You may even start to feel held down in your past as you try to move forward and through your shadow self.

Ascension is the journey of rising from lower to higher energy in your vibrational frequency. You may find yourself acutely aware of what is holding you back from inside yourself, such as noticing your behaviors, attitudes, and actions which have kept you away from your happiness and purpose. It may be hard to see the truth of your shadow self, but in doing so, you allow yourself to recognize and support your rise. 

Often during this process, you are called to release the egoic self, self-absorbed thinking, and encouraged to choose to move into a deeper state of love and light. 

Through the Ascension experience, you will suddenly feel and become conscious of the woven interconnectedness of all things and your role in it as you let go of thought patterns and physical structures that cause stress and fear.

Ascension is a magnificent process that will lead to radical changes in the way you think, act, and interact with others. However, soul-based changes may bring about discomfort along the way.

What is so important to know is that these ascension symptoms are not mandatory or inevitable; they are also not caused by the ascension process. They are a result created by holding on to self-limiting beliefs and resistance to the process. Choosing to work through any Ascension symptoms can reduce the discomfort created by the opposition itself, such as strain, pain, and past hurt, and instead speed up the process of elevation.

Here are Ascension symptoms you might experience on your path to your awakened self; remember it is a natural and miraculous sign you are on a track to higher levels of your soul self.


Empathic Heightened Sensitivity

You may experience a more profound sensitivity to your environment and the people in it and an increase in your sense of smell, touch, hearing, and taste. These symptoms can sometimes be uncomfortable. 

The body being in a state of transformation may also bring a noticeable shift in food intolerances as your body purifies itself of what no longer serves you. This can look like when you eat certain foods; you feel sluggish or digestive issues can surface. What you can do is notice and pay attention to what your body doesn't want to eat and the chemicals from specific fabrics, artificial body care products, or chemical-based cleaners. You may also become sensitive to strong smells, loud noises, heat, and cold.

Not to worry, your body needs a shift, which is a real opportunity. You also may become more aware of your environment in a sacred way noticing the beauty in things more than you did before. 


Changes in mood

Your heightened sensitivity may affect you emotionally too. As part of the ascension process, your being wants you to know what you are being influenced by and what you accept in your life that isn't in the highest alignment for you. You may find that you experience rapid mood changes when you are in situations that are of a lower frequency to your life. People, places, and things may cause these reactions in your emotions and need to be revealed so you can discover yourself at a deeper layer of truth. 

Other experiences, such as increased empathy, which means you are even more sensitive to the emotions of others or find yourself dealing with emotional memories of the past, may occur. While this may feel uncomfortable, it is a natural part of the healing process and develops a need to allow yourself to be open to love more deeply and unconditionally.

As you ascend, you will begin to experience spontaneous moments of joy, bliss, and intense feelings of love for all beings. An energetic increase in LOVE flow; you may find yourself brought to tears by the beauty of a flower, memories of loved ones, movies taking on a different form, and conversations deepening.

The important thing is not to deny or repress these feelings but to experience them. Allow yourself to cry or be angry and embrace more profound happiness if you need to. 

Work on yourself, stay close to trusted friends, get a mentor, get an emotional healing session, write a letter to someone who hurt you, or to yourself, to express these feelings; do not do it alone. Talk to someone you trust; let yourself feel, laugh, sing, cry, or dance with the senses. Some crucial healing tools I share with my clients are to journal, paint, or creatively express emotions.

When strong emotions come up, breathe, face, and feel the excitement in whatever way feels safe, and then when you're ready, let it move on. Feelings are not facts; they express our inner selves and are safe even though the vulnerability can be hard to handle. Know they will pass if you allow them to flow through and listen to them with love and embrace them with kindness.


Physical Changes

One of the other ascension signals many have felt and documented are actual 3D physical changes in your body. This can manifest in the form of tensions, aches, and pains in the physical body. Found often to flare up in areas that hold pressure and resistance like in the neck and shoulders because that is where we carry our burdens and manifest inflexibility around change, along with fear, which gets trapped in the neck and shoulders. 

Focusing on eating supremely natural and attentively will help you check in with the body to listen to its messages. Meditating and practicing relaxation activities like yoga can help these physical symptoms diminish. 

Sometimes having an energetic cleansing, healing massage, or a chakra realignment from a trusted practitioner can change things quickly. You can also take a salt bath to help shift blocked energies, add a crystal to it like a rose or white quartz with the job to clear any energy debris. Sleep more and make sure to pay attention and notice if this makes you feel lighter; that is how you can tell if what you are trying is working. 

Permit yourself to increase self-love with affirmations; I AM statements. 









Say these out loud at least ten times a day; note doing this in the mirror is even better, or writing them down in an affirmation book increases the energetic welcoming of them. You can choose to move towards a more natural lifestyle and want to spend more time in nature; this will help you find the path to peaceful change. Remember, during an ascension shift and making new powerful choices emotionally, physically, mindfully can lead you to feel fitter, healthier, and more energetic physically.

Lisa xo

If you feel any of the symptoms above and need support through your ascension, remember that you are not alone.

I am here to help in any way I can, and I invite you to join my community for spiritual warriorsbook a private session with me or join us for my upcoming Live 2-Day Event: Cosmic Capsule so you can take advantage of any of these numerous ways to help you through your process.


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Receive free weekly intuitive tips + tools to create the life + business you want, delivered straight to your inbox.

Note: We collect, use, and process your data according to our privacy policy.