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Truth, is the Healer: From Ouch to Awe on the Evolutionary Healing Journey

I've been thinking a lot the last few weeks about how my life has been so painfully transformative and difficult at times.

From healing my life growing up with the sexual and physical traumas and abuse I survived, to the neglect that left imprints on my heart and felt like unhealable scars, right up until today and the grinding self-mastery lessons that have come up over the years.

With new up-leveling, there are new growth challenges. And we all have our stories and our challenges, don't we?

This naturally occurs when I am in a deep dive of healing and transformation with the intent of more liberation and freedom.

We all have trials and tribulations of our life course that are filled with limitations, pain, and frustrations as we try to climb mountains that seem insurmountable until we finally make it to the top.

I reflect like this when I am ready to go to a new place in myself and in my life and uncover blocks that prevent me from the purposeful calling I know to be my truth, then I get to work.

I must.

I don’t run because I know the light comes to me when the dark within needs to heal.

The time I have spent healing myself since I was 14 years old, when I saw my first therapist, investing in understanding my own destructive patterns and where they came from and why has been profound.

From seeking self-compassion and coming up empty, having to understand my own self-hate and self-confusion, understanding and releasing my emotions, clearing out my learned behavior, and pushing myself into new mindsets to reach for new heights in life all have deep meaning to me. The investments have been worth it, I am freer than I ever thought I could be based on where I was over 30 years ago. I was fully broken, lost, and empty, like many other beautiful Souls out there, maybe even like you, believing the human lies of unworthiness, judgment, and hatred.

I sit with the memories of people I loved, that I have had to leave behind on my journey and those I still walk with and where we are all in this thing called life mastery. The different phases of growth that come to us and the loneliness we feel when letting go of an old life and who we were in it to begin anew. It can feel crazy and yet so extraordinary.

That's what transformers do right? We change. Then why are so many afraid?

I believe it’s because healing the past is tough. That’s why we run to forget, but keep running into what we need to remember, embrace, and face. By choice, healing is possible but by spiritual choice healing is probable. That has been my experience anyway.

Transformation and healing have been a part of my evolution journey for as long as I can remember. They are a way of being, a way of life now, but believe me at different times they were not easy or desirable…like many of you, I too ran.

I hid.

I said ‘why me?’

I said ‘I can’t’.

I rebelled.

I resisted.

I feared.

I got angry.

I blamed.

I was ashamed.

I felt unlovable.

I was not proud of who I was.

I said I won’t until I could finally say I WILL.

NOT always because I wanted to, but because my heart had things to say about the neglect, abuse, and violence I endured growing up, and until it was heard there was no way it was letting go.

 My Soul, deep down inside, would whisper “there is more than this, you are more than this”. It was a whisper I had to work on to hear. I felt like something was hunting me from inside myself, a pushing, a screaming, a rising of emotion so I would look inward and choose to grow.

It is a miraculous part of being human; how the truth will set us free once heard and spoken. This mind-bending reality is the one thing that has most healed me literally thousands of times in my be heard is to be healed.

It was the teachers of truth that showed me the way to the possibility of what being honest could bring to my life and what being heard can accomplish. They willingly taught me how to see the freedom that vulnerable truth would bring to my life by showing me theirs. I am so grateful to them for this, for their fierce vulnerability and their leading-edge example.

We all need to be heard and it’s not negotiable. Even if from ourselves alone, we all long for safety, security, and love, and when we do not have it, we starve, we suffer and we drift away.

This Spiritual practice has changed the course of my life… “hear yourself Lisa and all will be well, speak your truth to the Creator and your Soul and all will be healed. Share this with others so they may witness the blessings of your healing, the miracles of inner freedom, the liberation you experience from the fierceness of your vulnerability, so this may inspire them to do the same.”


These Spiritual truth-seeking practices have changed my life forever, it has deepened my bond to the Divine within and led me to my Soul's purpose in life. My calling to Mastering Intuition, advanced transformation practices, turning fear into spiritual freedom, living free from the heart and mind, and teaching others to find their intuitive self and soul self at a core level of truth.

Lead with your Soul and your calling will find you...

Being still, remaining still, waiting-waiting-waiting for Grace to show me, for my soul to call me, for the Universe to flow through me pouring its love into me. Listening for the next steps, asking-asking-asking, “what's the next step Higher Power, what do I do next?”. So often we feel like we're alone and we don’t feel that the Universe and our Soul are with us. In your free will asking them will become a part of your life. But, you must ask to open yourself up to it.

My Soul, the light of my being and my saving grace so many times, with me as a teacher, as a student, as a healer and as my partner seeking mastery, offering a partnership with me and seeking connection; this is what I focus on that leads me to the choosing of my light.

All the answers are held in this realm of self and Soul and within the relationship of our mind, body, spirit, and of the Universe. This collaboration of the soul and the true self and the conscious evolution of their unity here on mother earth's paradise opens our heart and fills it with love. Can you allow it to do that to you as well?

It is up to you to engage in the meaning your Soul self has in your life.

It is up to you to heal.

It is up to you to be fiercely vulnerable with who you are truly and deeply.

It is up to you to become your becoming.

It is up to you to launch your light into the world as you are.

You must choose. So, what do you choose?

I choose to hold space for you as you mull this over and decide to show up to yourself in a new way and with self-discovery in mind.

Share with me what you need to do that so that you are not holding yourself back as the hostage to the path of limitations. Start here by sharing…..I’m listening.


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Receive free weekly intuitive tips + tools to create the life + business you want, delivered straight to your inbox.

Note: We collect, use, and process your data according to our privacy policy.