Hey there warrior!

I am thrilled and honoured that you dropped in to learn more about my business breakthrough and to see how I can help you INTUITIVELY and STRATEGICALLY skyrocket your business. 

The time of struggling your way to success is over and the new way of building your purpose based business has arrived! Are you ready?

Listen up friends, gone are the days of working harder. I've created a process for spiritual business owners that is about working strategically smarter! 

My name is Lisa LaJoie and I am the creator of the empowerment and intuitive intelligence company Unstoppable Consciousness. Let me get real with you if you are feeling called to up-level your game and access the next level of success – but do not want to lose yourself in the process – keep reading.  

Chances are, you know something is out of alignment with you or your business, otherwise you would have achieved the next level of success on your own by now.

You just have not been able to put your finger on what is blocking you and making things not work. It is my job to tune in – to you, your business, and your Source Codes to create amazing success.  

Is it your team? Your employees? Your customers and clients? Your confidence ? Or is it YOU? Are you somehow blocking the next level of success?

How does an Intuitive Business Breakthrough Session work?

As your professional business intuitive + strategist, I take my PURPOSE seriously. I understand the passion and stresses that come with business development. I believe it is my job to tune in – to you, your business, and your personal Soul Codes. When these are activated, they lead you to your higher realms of confidence and life success. Connecting you to what you are meant to offer the world allows you to gain an understanding of what directions you must take in your business to succeed. Being ready to live your business purpose, big or small, awakens you to which high performing habits you absolutely need to develop in yourself to achieve the business you want. My role is to accelerate your process with intuitive insights and actionable advice and lead you to the abundance and happiness that is waiting for you.

In this potent 90-minute one-on-one Business Breakthrough session, I can help you discover:

  • Where your inner fortune is and how to get it into the bank. 
  • Where your personal beliefs may be limiting you and how to tune into the positive vibration of your business instead. 
  • Answers, strategy and guidance for the stressful burdens that may be keeping you up at night. 
  • How to prioritize your list of projects and goals so that you make the most of each and every one of them.
  • The parts and people of your business that no longer serve or support you. 
  • How to activate your own Soul Codes and become the leader you are meant to be.  

During this session, you may also be guided to release old behaviours, beliefs, and patterns that keep you stuck, and create NEW ways of being that align with your business’ natural rhythms.


What to expect from your Business Breakthrough Session…

Prior to our call, I will send you my Source Code Questionnaire that will give you the opportunity to identify questions, topics, concerns, and goals for our call. We will then schedule our call and I will begin my tuning in process.  

During our session, we will meet on the phone or Zoom/Skype and directly connect to your guides. As I tap into your higher realm, your guides do the work to activate your Soul and I will start receiving messages about topics such as:

  • Where you are blocked in your business.

  • What is keeping the next level of success out of reach.

  • The health of your current partnerships and client relationships.

  • Who you need to connect with to accelerate your success.

  • Which projects, ideas, and opportunities align with the vibration of your business this year, and how to prioritize.

  • How you are showing up in your business – and how to shift out of stuck and into accelerated success.

  • And so much more!

My 90-minute Business Breakthrough Sessions are perfect for you business owners who know you are here to do meaningful work in the world. This is for you if you are you a/an:

  • CEO or a business owner who wants to stop feeling drained by business and instead feel in vibrational alignment and happiness once again. 
  • Artist or screenwriter who wants to know which ideas and projects will generate the best buzz and business.
  • Entrepreneur who is ready to create purposeful partnerships and hire the best employees for their business.
  • Or if you are just ready to tap into your own intuition and accelerate. 

These calls are powerful and reveal the deeper level of your future work – not to mention the vibrational tone of your business and to raise it and upgrade yourself and your business. 



I invite you to get aligned with this new evolutionary energy on the planet and upgrade your business!

You can struggle and strain your way to search for answers – and you may never get there... OR you can fast track your success by tapping into your Soul Codes of Success

By having me tap into your Source Code, you can deepen your awareness and knowledge on topics such as:  

  • What the vibrational frequency of your business is – and how to align all that you do to it.
  • If a potential client or partner is an energetic match for your business.
  • What is missing in your business plan, where the problems are coming from and practical solutions to get you where you want to go this year.
  • How to avoid betrayals, blocks, and breakdowns that paralyze you.
  • Which projects will magnetize success vs. those that will be marginally successful.
  • Which employees to hire vs. which ones to fire. What steps YOU need to take as a business owner to fast track your way to sustainable success.  

This Business Breakthrough Session Feels Right For Me and The Soul Of My Business.


Hey Warrior Soul!

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About Lisa LaJoie

As the business intuitive, Lisa has spent the last two decades working with high level executives, high performers, spiritual entrepreneurs and CEOs as well as evolved artists and screenwriters as their personal business muse. Lisa is able to access answers and strategies for the questions that keep them up at night.  

Clients say this work is powerful, impactful, and fast tracks their success every time. When she taps into my client’s Soul purpose, she is able to channel messages directly from the energetic imprint of their soul design and divine assignment plan, and translate those messages into a plan of action.  

Before you write this work off as too woo-woo for you, let me assure you that the key to the next level of success is NOT about doing more or pursuing some external result. The key to fast tracking your success lies within – It is the time to live your Soul Purpose. 

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