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Hi, I'm Lisa LaJoie, I am ready for you to stop the struggle and help you get personally so empowered to grow your business as big as you wish successfully. Let's get you aligned!

You, too, can skyrocket your purpose-based business. I will show you how in just two hours!

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I am so honoured that you stopped by to learn more about my Intuitive Business Breakthrough sessions! I’m excited to share my Intuitive Gifts to help you strategically skyrocket your business not only into a whole new world of success, but into a whole new dimension of alignment and fulfillment!

Gone are the days where the harder you work, the greater the rewards. 

Today, it’s about working smarter and putting your energy into the tasks and strategies that make the biggest impact. 

That’s why I created this process for like-minded spiritual business owners to help you work smarter (not harder!) and more strategically… so you can enjoy both your life and your business on a whole new level.

Hi, I’m Lisa LaJoie, creator of the Empowerment and Intuitive Intelligence company Tapping Into It, Inc.

If you feel a calling from deep inside to up-level your game, to make a difference, explore new business ideas or to achieve that next level of success without compromising who you are - you’re in the right place!

Maybe you…

  • Have been feeling like something is off and out of alignment. Something just isn’t sitting right.
  • Have been doing everything you can in your business to up-level your game, but you just can’t seem to get there on your own.
  • Feel stuck, like something is blocking you from achieving that next level of success, but you don’t know what it is.
  • Know you’re meant to be more, but you don’t know how to answer that call
  • You hear the whisper inside your heart and Soul that you need to do a certain thing and you aren't sure how to show up to it.

Does any of that sound familiar?
It’s my job to tune in – to you, your business, and your Prosperity Codes (more about those later) to help you create AMAZING SUCCESS for yourself!

“This Business breakthrough and forecasting sessions are so powerful. By revealing the deeper level of your future work and the vibrational tone of your business, we can use it to RAISE your frequencies to UPGRADE both yourself AND your business!”

I’m Ready to Accelerate my Life & Business OR Ready for Your Business To Blast Off!]


How Does an Intuitive Business Breakthrough Session work?

I take my purpose as a Business Intuitive + Strategist very seriously. I have a deep and intimate understanding of what it takes to build a sustainable and profitable business - and it’s not for the faint of heart. I know, I’ve been there.  

That’s why when we work together, I use my gifts to tap into your prosperity codes to help you gain clarity and make business decisions that are aligned with you.

Here’s a little of what I can do for you...

  • I tune into you, your business and your personal Prosperity Codes to help guide you to a higher realm of confidence and life success.
  • I’ll help you to deeply connect with that part of yourself that knows what it’s here for and gain clarity on the direction to take for your business to succeed.
  • I will help you awaken your purpose, and identify the high performing habits that are unique for you to develop in yourself to achieve that next level of prosperity and profits.
  • We will activate your prosperity codes that live within your soul genetics.

My role as your coach and guide is to accelerate the process of YOU reaching that next level of success. By supporting you with intuitive insights and actionable advice, you will propel yourself and your business into the magnificent abundance and joy that awaits you!

In this POWERFUL 90 minute, 1:1 Business Breakthrough Session You’ll Discover… 

  • How to work with the parts and people in your business that serve best serve you, and how to leave those that don’t 
  • Where your INNER FORTUNE lies and how to tap into it and take it to the BANK!
  • How to tune into the positive vibration of your business
  • Where your personal beliefs may be limiting you and how to replace them with positive ones instead.
  • How to prioritize your goals and projects so that you make the most of them
  • Answers, strategies, and guidance for managing those pesky stressors that keep you up at night 
  • How to prioritize your goals and projects so that you make the most of each of them
  • The secrets to activating your Soul Codes and become the powerful leader you were meant to be

This session may guide you to release old behaviours, beliefs, and patterns that keep you stuck, and create NEW ways of being that align with your business’ natural rhythms.


What can you expect your Business Breakthrough Session to look like?

Step 1 – Click the button above to say YES! WANT THIS NOW!

Step 2 – I’ll send you my Breakthrough Questionnaire. This is where you get to tell me about your goals, struggles, and what you’d like to work on - and we schedule our 90-minute call.

Step 3 – We connect, and I connect into you! This is where I begin my process of tuning in to you. With your permission, I’ll tap into your higher realm and with the help of your guides, we’ll activate your Soul and open up to receive messages about topics such as…

  • Where you’re blocked in your business.
  • What’s holding you back from reaching that next level of success.
  • The health and viability of your present partnerships and client relationships.
  • Who you need to connect with to accelerate your success.
  • Which projects, ideas, and opportunities align with the vibration of your business this year, and how to prioritize them for maximum success.
  • How are you showing up in your business – and how to move from stuck in the muck to skyrocketing success.
  • And so much more!

My Business Breakthrough Sessions are IDEAL for the professional who wants to make a positive impact on the world.

  • A CEO or Business Owner who wants to stop feeling drained by your business and start feeling energized and aligned!

  • An artist or writer who wants help in choosing the right projects that generate the biggest business and the best buzz.

  • Looking to expand your business and you want to make sure the people you hire are the right ones for you.
  • An Entrepreneur looking to create purposeful partnerships that are in alignment with your business success.

  • Looking to tap into the power of your own intuition and accelerate your business breakthrough!

Don’t Miss Out on this POWERFUL time GUARANTEED to go Down in the History Books!

I invite you to get aligned with this new Evolutionary Energy happening right now on our planet and use it to ACCELERATE your business!

You have the choice. 

You can keep struggling your way through your business – cross your fingers that you’re making the right moves to hopefully bring you the success you’re looking for at some point. 


You can SKYROCKET your way to success by tapping into your Prosperity Codes RIGHT NOW! And skip the struggling altogether.

As I tap into your Prosperity codes, you will deepen your sense of knowledge and awareness around things like…

  • Which projects will magnetize success vs. those that aren’t a good use of your time
  • How to avoid betrayals, blocks, and breakdowns that keep you small and stuck 
  • What’s missing in your business plan – where the problems stem from and how to use practical solutions to get you onto the right path to success
  • The vibrational frequency of your business and how to align with it
  • Energetic matches and clashes – which clients, partners, opportunities, or investors are an energetic match to your business
  • Which employees to hire vs. which ones to fire.
  • What steps you need to take to fast track your way to sustainable success.


A Business Breakthrough Session is Just What I Need! 

It Feels So Right for Me and the Soul of my Business!


Lisa LaJoie is an empowerment agent, intuitive to CEO's, a business strategist for entrepreneurs, executives and business owners, a high-performance mentor and owner of Tapping Into It, Inc. Utilizing her gifts of heightened intuition and fierce faith in the soul's human potential, Lisa is a dynamic force who empowers people, entrepreneurs and business owners to unlock into their own innate power by learning to trust and tap into their intuitive intelligence.

She uses her gift of heightened intuition to tune in and help people quickly find answers to life’s tough questions, easily navigate life’s changing experiences, negotiate like a boss, reach new business successes, find purpose, passion and profits, develop solid business boundaries and connects her clients to their higher calling.

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