These Deep Sessions Open You To Your Higher Potential

How do you begin to open yourself up to limitless possibilities? 

You let the universe shower you with gifts! 

Im THRILLED you are here.  This is exactly where you need to be to reach your soul goals in all aspects of life. Do you feels like a time for you to book a virtual intuitive session to bring clarity to your life?  I will provide you with intuitive insights and actionable advice to walk yourself out of your confusion and into certainty.  Understanding the energy and guidance that is open for you will give you the confidence to make decisions in your everyday life. 

Get ready to rock your ascension, transform your life and open yourself into the new evolution journey waiting for you!

Unlocking Your Mindset Mentoring 

On this path, we will uncover the patterns and limiting beliefs you used to cope in previous lifetimes.  In our sessions, I will use a combination of NLP techniques, Intuitive Interrupt, Energy Release Work, Forensic Analysis of your Energy Matrix, Tapping and Practice Tips. 

Using the right technique for your particular situation, I will release you from patterns that are no longer serving you.  Once you are released, you will be free from self-imposed restrictions and fear.  By interrupting your patterns and removing your limiting beliefs, we will unleash your power to fulfill your hearts' deepest desires.

Powerful Energy Shifts

I have developed advanced techniques to shed light on blockages buried deep within the subconscious. We will dive into these blockages and diagnose what keeps you stuck.  Together, we will tap into your energy patterns and shift them to reconnect you with your highest sources.  Once you are in harmony with your soul frequency, you will be able to manifest your deepest desires by unblocking your energy and aligning you with your true purpose.  We will unleash the beautiful soul that you are!

Achieve Measurable Results

My greatest joy is seeing the measurable shifts in Spiritual Seekers and Business Owners - it truly lights me up.  The biggest shifts occur as you begin to understand the signals and directions that are being offered to you.  As a Certified Coach, Business Intuitive and Life Strategist, I will help you create situations that allow you to thrive.  Through our work, you will have the clarity you seek to confidently make personal and professional decisions.  If you are dedicated to your growth and learn to tap into your ability to understand your intuition, you will be UNSTOPPABLE!  Soul-powered living is the best way to running a successful life and business.  I have seen it happen over and over again and it is exactly what I want for you too! To review powerful praise statements click here.


The universe has brought us together and I couldn’t be happier. 

There are a number of ways that we can work together depending on your needs at this moment in time. Select the service that will best serve your needs.  I look forward to connecting with you and downloading the messages waiting for you, answering your question and soulfully being of service.  

Follow this 3-step process to get started:

  1. Choose how you would like to connect with me
  2. Process payment to open my scheduler
  3. Book a time in scheduler 

I can't wait to guide you on your path to personal discovery.



Intuitive Consultation



Intuitive Guidance

Higher Wisdom Spirit Guides

Answering Questions Like Life Direction/ Relationships/ Purpose

Universal Guidance 

Understanding Life Challenges

Align With Your Purpos

Get Solutions That Create Results

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Try me out YOUR CHOICE



You choose either an intuitive coaching session or an intuitive channelled reading.

Shifting your mindset

Healing unworthiness

Learn to say no to over-giving

Find your purpose

Attain Universal Guidance

Higher Wisdom Spirit Guide

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Success Coaching



Stepping Into your personal power

Shifting your mindset

Understanding your life challenges and overcoming them.

Healing unworthiness

Upgrading your confidence

Developing your boundaries

Life Direction/ Relationships/ Purpose

We work on every topic for your success

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"I didn’t know what to expect when working with Lisa but she came highly recommended from a friend and now Lisa has become an integral part of my team. She helps me see where I am stopping myself and how to unblock it. She helps me sort through mental clutter and overwhelm and gives me direction as to which things to focus on in my business that are right for me. She is tough and all love at the same time."

Stacey Hylen, Business Coach

"Wow! I am blown away at the clarity I received from my session among my heart centered biz! Lisa helped me pretty much create almost week to week how to help my clients more efficiently and start creating a strategy to serve my clients better. It was SUCH an enlightening and much needed session! I am so excited to work with her more to sky rocket my purpose and fulfillment serving others!"

Vanessa Simpson

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