Enlightened Retreats with Mel + Lisa.

The Life Empowerment Retreat 

Personal Empowerment Workshops.

Hatha, Yin, Kundalini Yoga.

Full Moon Celebration + Ceremony.

In Marrakech, Morocco.

September 13th - 22nd, 2019



Morocco is absolute magic; and, so is Master Intuitive and Spiritual Activator, Lisa LaJoie. Add daily yoga practices and specially designed meditations with Melanie Richards, and you have the perfect recipe to uplift, reset, and create your life with all that you are. Don't just take our word for it - listen to what past retreat goers have to say about their enlightened retreat experience.


JOIN US and discover an unforgettable enlightened retreat experience at our very own private oasis: the spiritually healing Riad "Castle" Clé de Sol in Morocco !

Have the dreams and visions you have for your life taken a back seat to your day-to-day tasks?

Is the world you live in accelerating so fast that you are feeling disconnected from your dreams, passions and relationships?

As humans, we are still learning to adapt to this fast pace and the effects of this new world can take a toll on your life’s deeper purpose. As a result, you may feel like:

  • You are constantly playing "catch up" with your never-ending to-do list.

  • You never have enough time for the things that are the most important to you.

  • You are spending way more time on obligations, chores and responsibilities than on fun, leisure activities and creative projects.

  • Prioritizing yourself in your own life is a struggle.

or maybe…

  • You spend more time reacting to things rather than taking action.

  • You make choices that don't always serve the highest vision you have of yourself and your life.

  • You are constantly tired and/or overwhelmed.

Having time for yourself is part of true life empowerment and expansion. It is about making space for your heart to converse with you and allowing yourself to enjoy exploring your time here on this planet by doing the things you love.

Busyness often distracts us from connecting with our true capacity for joy, which is all the more reason to anchor back into yourself. Learn to master your life and remember that you are a creator with meaningful things to do here on earth. This retreat is how you can make it happen!


Questions? Contact Melanie at (514) 806-9642

Enriching your life with workshops + classes

Our meditations and yoga classes will take you deep within yourself to help you connect and refresh. Lisa's workshops will give you tools for a lifetime of create your life mastery and success with so much love, depth and spirit.

Divine Workshops

Experience live Intuitive transformation circles with Lisa where you get the opportunity to receive the clarity and soul based messages awaiting you.

Workshops on connecting with your higher mind and Soul, how to create a life you want, that you are missioned to live and why this connection is so sacred to you and your divine self and the actualization of your purpose.

Activating the deeper connection to your superconscious self is a huge part of the Divine of your inner beingness.


Transformational meditations and traditional Kundalini meditations for removing fear of the future and building unshakable confidence.

Guided meditation journeys to meet your inner world and the core of who you are. 

Visualization meditations that activate a future you want to create.

Enjoy garden meditation walks to deepen your physical connection to your body and the earth’s life force energy.

Blissful Body Yoga

Specially created yoga classes designed to support your reconnection during your time at the retreat. 

Kundalini, Hatha or Yin yoga to  bring balance, strengthen your nervous system and help you withstand the pressure of time.

Efficient morning yoga routines to energize you and soothing evening yoga routines and breathing techniques to calm you.


We have purposefully timed this retreat to coincide with the full moon. Get ready for a powerful full moon intention setting and ceremony!

Unplug from chaos and plug back into YOU, your heart, your beautiful body, your higher mind and your Soul and...learn the secrets of life creation and mastery. 

Hi, this is Lisa and Mel. We are very sincere in making our retreats an upleveling experience of enlightenment. We love to create these trips of transformation for those who want to have fun, learn, grow and be inspired in becoming the highest version of themselves. We pay intimate and deliberate attention to our retreat creations, making sure that we fill you up with knowledge that lasts a lifetime. We want you to have clarity around your innate happiness and take away techniques on enhanced spiritual living. This includes yoga routines that Melanie designs specifically for the retreat. 

We top it off with delicious and sacred meditation practices that allow you to align and integrate all that is needed to support your shifts from the Soul-spired intuitive workshops with Lisa. All of this happens in an atmosphere of loads of laughter (because we are funny), meaningful new friendships, universal love, support and the beauty of Morocco.

Not to mention the power of the full moon that will help you manifest and create the life you know you are meant to live!

What You Can Expect By Joining US!

Connect yourself back to nature and the life force energy that runs through your veins. You'll have a place to rest, to learn and to open your heart, mind and Soul. This retreat is a springboard for all of us to individually and collectively rise higher! 

You’ll learn how to:

  • Make yourself a priority.

  • Know what your true blocks are and how to overcome them.

  • Take charge of each and every day.

  • Stay on top of your life and remain in action instead of reaction.

  • Make choices based on self-love instead of fear of disappointing others.

  • Have a shit ton of fun and lighten up!

Yes, we confess it's true. We get so excited and filled with passion about our enlightenment retreats that we can hardly contain ourselves! We are so very blessed to facilitate them together.

We believe so much in these trips of transformation that we have been spreading them all over the globe and we are constantly growing!


Questions? Contact Melanie at (514) 806-9642

About The Retreats Leaders

Melanie Richards

HappyTree Owner and Yoga Teacher 

Founder and Director of HappyTree Yoga Studio in Montreal [Est. 2007], Melanie leads Hatha, Yin and Gentle Yoga Teacher Training programs. She is a passionate speaker, writer and workshop leader (TEDx Montreal Women, MUHC Conferences, Lymphoma Canada, Cirque du Soleil, Expo Yoga Quebec Blog, Wanderlust Tremblant 2018) on the topics of yoga and meditation. Most recently, Melanie started her own YouTube channel with the goal of bringing together more like-minded people and sharing practices for a heart-centred, soul-fuelled life.

Melanie is both a certified Hatha and Kundalini yoga teacher. Her current influences include Vipassana meditation and the wise guidance of her spiritual teachers, Nischala Joy Devi and Lisa Lajoie. She teaches from the heart with both compassion and humour, and loves nothing more than to help people discover their true purpose and potential. Learn more here: www.HappyTreeYoga.com

Lisa LaJoie: Spiritual Teacher - Master Intuitive  

Lisa is an Urban Guru helping people seeking higher levels of personal transformation and evolution, and business owners who want to be ahead of their success opportunities. She is a clairvoyant success coach, speaker, intuition expert and owner of the conscious empowerment company Tapping Into It, Inc. She was born with the gift of receiving messages from Spirit. Today, she uses this gift to tune in and help people quickly find answers to life’s tough questions, easily navigate life changing experiences, reach new business successes, find soul and life purpose, passion and profits, she helps clients skyrocket their abundance and connect to their higher calling.

In addition, Lisa offers groundbreaking courses and workshops and hosts international enlightening retreats that are geared towards elevating all levels of your consciousness, your dreams, your business and your spiritual practice. Lisa works with women around the world she believes that women have a sacred intuitive power that needs to be tapped into continue reading here: https://tappingintoit.com/meet-lisa/ 

Are you ready to embark on a journey and create your life?

Because WE ARE READY to support, uplift and guide you into a new state of being. One filled with a deeper knowing of self and the ways in which you can begin to get  in tune with all that you are.


FAQ'S Important questions answered.

During our time together the intention and direct purpose we hold in our heart is to shower you with the empowerment of LOVE and to take you deep down within yourself so you can see how truly beautiful you and your Soul are.

Mastering your life starts with discovering and experiencing your true power and then knowing how to tap into it.

Lisa's workshops are designed to guide you through the journey of reaching deep inside to find your true self. This is where your beauty is magnified by ten fold and it is where you begin to see your beautiful self and become fearless in sharing your true heart and vulnerability with those you love.

She will show you how to call into your life all the magic you are and how to release the negative ideas you grabbed over your lifetime so that you can break the limitations that came with those beliefs as they are not truly yours.

Your Body Being...

Yoga is a fundamental part of this ten day retreat, as well as experiencing all the beautiful views the Riad has to offer you. 

At times your body needs simplicity to breathe into itself and to feel free from all the distractions of the city and everyday busy life.

Our retreats give you space to go deeper into body love and nourishment through the special classes offered by Melanie who is a wonderful yogini of Kundalini, Hatha and Yin. Her 12+ years of experience brings a very special blend of personalized classes aligned with and in support of the workshops and teachings of the week.

Melanie's meditations take you deeper into the core work of who you are, through visualization, Kundalini based meditations and deliberate mindfulness practices that will expand you in ways you never thought of.

A 10 day / 9 night stay at your second home, the 5-star rated Riad “Castle” Clé de Sol hotel, featuring an outdoor swimming pool, a garden, a hammam, incredible artwork in each room and tranquil patios all around the grounds.

  • Transfer to and from the Marrakech airport.
  • Free wifi throughout the Riad (not that you will need it...).
  • Daily breakfast and dinner made of the freshest, finest local ingredients. The seasonal menu is inspired by local Moroccan cuisine, with meat and vegetarian options available.
  • Daily yoga and meditation classes with Melanie Richards.
  • Workshops and Live Intuitive message circles with Lisa.

NOTE: Prices do not include your flight, excursions, alcohol and lunches.

The retreat is held at the 5-start rated Riad "Castle" Clé de Sol in Marrakech, Morocco.

Surrounded by the breathtaking Atlas Mountains, The Riad will become your private oasis for 10 days of yoga, meditation and spiritual transformation!

8:00 – 9:15 am: Energizing morning yoga practice with Melanie.

9:15 – 11:00 am: Breakfast and free time.

11:00 am: Workshop with Lisa and free time (ex: pool, hammam or excursion).

1:30/2:00 pm – 5:00 pm: Pool time, personal time, excursions.

5:00 – 6:30 pm: Afternoon Yin, relaxation and ascension Yoga and meditation with Melanie.

7:00 – 10:00 pm: Dinner and Satsang and, of course, Loads of Laughter!


If you are not open to learning, growing and discovering your Soul self, this might not be for you. And it is especially not for those who do not enjoy having fun, giggling and exploring new places.

Cancellations more than 8 weeks before the arrival date will receive a 100% refund minus a $200 administration fee. One month before the arrival date will receive a 50% refund. Less than one month before the arrival date will not receive any refund.

We will help you by providing you with some flight options if you are leaving from Montreal. Once you have registered you will receive more information about flights.

We have organized two pickups from the airport to the hotel which are included in your registration (tip is extra). Pick up times will be shared with you once you have registered.

We have 2 full day excursions that we offer a few smaller ones. Here's a list of some of the amazing excursions we have prepared for you.

Medina + Bahia Palace 250 dhs ($35 CAD) price does not include tips, lunch or entrance to the palace.

Hike in Ourika Valley + Berber Village 250 dhs ($35 CAD) price does not include tips, lunch or entrance to museums.

Hammam  870 dhs (~ $120 CAD)

Cooking Class 250 dhs ($35 CAD)


Camel Ride$50 CAD


At the Riad (our hotel), make yourself totally at home and wear whatever you like! - Sandals, shorts, skirts, tank tops, whatever you are comfortable in. When we go into the towns and villages you might feel more comfortable to cover your shoulders and wear longer skirts and pants because that is the local culture over there. However, they are used to tourists and of all the Muslim countries, Morocco is very relaxed.

September sees temperatures dip slightly compared to previous months but Marrakesh is still swelteringly hot. The average daily temperature during the month of September hovers around 27 degrees Celsius. This includes a potential low of 20 degrees Celsius, which you can anticipate at night, and a high of up to 33 degrees Celsius. 

There are no bugs or mosquitoes.

The food at the Riad is organic, ie: made from the freshest, finest local organic ingredients and you have nothing to worry about. However, we do not recommend you eat food outside of the Riad unless it is at restaurants recommended by us, as we cannot confirm whether they take precautions with their water.

Water from the tap is not safe to drink, but you have access to bottles of water at meal times and can purchase 1.5L bottles from the Riad for a small fee. 

Unfortunately, they do not have milk substitutes, so if you prefer almond, soy or rice milk in your coffee, you would have to bring your own in your check in luggage. People have done this in past years and it worked great for them. The Riad will store them in their fridge for you.

If you have any food allergies or intolerances, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can inform the hotel. 

What People Say About Our Retreats!

"This retreat with Melanie and Lisa was absolutely amazing. I made a whole bunch of new friends and some of us got to know each other more than others, but we all got to share this amazing energy that I know will be with me forever. And, I got to find myself again. They have also shared tools that I will be using day-to-day with me for the rest of my life. I love you guys both, Lisa and Melanie, thank you so much. And thank you to all my other friends that I met! I love you guys too."


"Lisa brings love and compassion to the masses! I loved this weekend retreat. It was amazing to witness her commitment to helping people rise both individually and collectively. Lisa led us through beautiful intention settings and taught us about the power of the moon. She led us through the practice of holding space for others and being a part of raising vibrations as a collective. It was a profound experience that has left a lasting impression on me. "


"If you’re looking for an experience, out of this world. this is it, you want to be here. It was life changing in a Soulful way. I learned so much about myself, and I keep getting gifts and lessons of the weekend as I move on. There’s signs all around, just listen to yourself and believe in yourself and come here to find out who you are and it’s amazing, really great! The feeling I got this weekend was unity and safety, to spread light and joy is the gift and we need to share the gift with others. The food was amazing and soulful and nourishing, but you’re feeding yourself as well. It’s the experience of the yoga, the meditation, the community, the talking with people and making new friendships that are going to be for a long time and not just the weekend."


"If you’re considering coming to something like this in the future, I would highly recommend it. For me, I had the opportunity to really reconnect with myself, to be present, to allow myself to be nourished, by both physically, the food was fabulous, and spiritually, just by connecting with everyone and having meditation time. And physically as well with all the yoga. I can wander out my room and come in and I got to be taken care of. I highly recommend it, these ladies are great. You’ll be in a safe space and something will click. The retreat experience for me was grounding, reentering, nourishing, calming and restful."


Love Notes

"Hey friends Lisa here, I want to tell you what its like to experience Mel and I also want you to know I love being at my own retreats because of her. Mel creates intimate and customized classes and meditation around our retreat's subject, her touch of masterful meditation and yoga helps everyone integrate their experiences and transformations. There are many yoga teachers out there now, but I have to say Mel who has been creating classes for over 12 years is one of my all time favourite Yogis. At this retreat she will be designing sacred classes for you the entire week. You will experience a variety of Yoga practices such as Yin, Hatha, Kundalini, guided meditation for topics such as stress, anxiety, self-love, relaxation, letting go, surrendering, deepen your connection to self and spirit. I promise you will love what she brings to our retreats."

"Hi everyone this is Mel , Let me be honest I love my spirit mama Lisa and being with her at the retreats brings breakthrough work to another level. Being in our retreats with Lisa is mind-blowing I get to play student with everyone also and its such a delight everytime. Lisa always surprises everyone with deep channeled message from the Divine world. It's really something to experience. Having her in my life is like having the Universe on speed dial. Lisa gets to the pain points and blocks and releases it with ease, grace, fun and with an enthusiasm for your new directions in life. She communicates and channels with your Soul Tribe helping you know what to do next from the Divine perspective all the while giving practical steps to incorporate it all. I call her the Solution master giving you the directions toward the life and purpose you didn't even know was possible. She elevates self love that supports you in doing whatever it takes to love yourself through all challenges and find you true fulfillment. The feeling I've ended up after working with is the knowing I am not alone." 


Questions? Contact Melanie at (514) 806-9642









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