Yes, Yes, Yes!  I am beyond thrilled you made it here!  

We are one step closer to uncovering the guidance that comes from your trusted Soul Tribe and your True Source Self. These sources know everything about you including what has been going on with your inner and outer worlds. 

Let’s uncover how to elevate your energy field and step into the fullness of who you are at a core level!  We will achieve this by exploring:

  • How to tap into the powerful Soul that you are meant to be 
  • How to open yourself up to your unlimited potential
  • What are your limiting beliefs and how to break through them
  • How to reach the next level by accessing your Spirit guides, the universe and your higher self

As we move through the process, you can expect the following: 

A Personal Guide to Self-Discovery

As we work through the process, we will uncover the patterns and limiting beliefs you used to cope in previous lifetimes.  In our sessions, I will use a combination of NLP techniques, Intuitive Interrupt, Energy Release Work, Forensic Analysis of your Energy Matrix, Tapping and Practice Tips.  Using the right technique for your particular situation,  I will release you from patterns that are no longer serving you.  Once you are released, you will be free from self-imposed restrictions and fear.  By interrupting your patterns and removing your limiting beliefs, we will unleash your power to fulfill your hearts' deepest desires.

Powerful Energy Shifts

I have developed advanced techniques to clearly shed a light on blockages buried deep within the subconscious and diagnose what keeps people stuck.  Together, we will tap into your energy patterns and shift them to reconnect you with your highest sources.  Once you are in harmony with your soul frequency, you will be able to manifest your deepest desires. You will unblock your energy to align with your true purpose. 

Achieve Measurable Results 

My greatest joy is seeing the measurable shifts in Spiritual Seekers and Business Owners.  The biggest shifts occur as they open themselves up to understanding the signals and directions that are being offered to them.  As a Certified Coach, Business Intuitive and Life Strategist,  I will help you create situations that allow you to thrive.  Through our work, you will have the clarity you seek to confidential make personal and professional decisions.  If you are dedicated to your growth and work hard to tap into your ability to understand and follow your intuition, you will be unstoppable.  Soul-powered living is the best way, I believe, to running a successful life and business.  To review some powerful praise statements from past clients click here (add a link here to your testimonials) 

In-Person or Virtual Sessions

How do you begin to open yourself up to limitless possibilities?  Let’s connect.   I connect with clients on the phone and in person to bring clarity to the bigger picture in their lives.  I will provide you with intuitive insights and actionable advice to walk yourself out of your confusion and into certainty.  Understanding the energy and guidance that is open for you will give you the confidence to make decisions in your everyday life. 

Get ready to launch your light and open yourself into the new evolution journey waiting for you!




A one time session where you receive intuitive guidance in any area of your life, your Soul, your relationship or your career.

There are no limits to the guidance you can receive during these sessions as Lisa channels the guidance awaiting you from the Universe.




I have been a life and spiritual mentoring for over 2 decades now and watching people become unstoppable in their lives thrills and fills my heart.

I work to help you shift your mindset where needed and support you by keeping your head focused and clear.

I teach you powerful manifestation processes and how to create abundance with the Soul + Life + the Universe.

Programs are 30 Days and 90 days.



Live events to open new pathways to you attaining you spiritual truths, embodying all that you are.

Healing your inner confusions about you and your Soul.

Develop your intuition and understand how it can help you grow in your life.



Browse Lisa's spiritual intuitive mastery mentoring courses designed to uplevel you in all areas of your life.

Lisa has a variety of online courses for personal growth, life happiness, divine purpose, deep spiritual practice, abundance, spiritual learning and so much more.



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