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Lisa Lajoie is a high energy captivating speaker who is compassionate about bringing positive change and healing into the world. Her focus is powerful and life altering. She has been connected to the spirit world since she was born. Lisa focuses on the deep, inner connection of the soul, which can be powerful and life altering for the listener. She helps people connect to their angels, spirit guides, higher power, and receive messages from passed loved ones. Lisa helps people connect and heal their inner soul and guides people through transitional times.

More than anything, she has an amazing story to share. And through her story, she can help others grow, move forward and simply feel connected and not so alone in the world.

Lisa did not always tune into her gifts, in fact for many years, she denied its existence altogether. This resulted in darkness in every area of her life. Because of her own personal experience she has the unique perspective and ability to relate to everyday struggles and circumstances. Using her own life  experiences, and spiritual abilities Lisa has helped thousands of people find purpose and strength in their own lives.



Book Lisa for your next event: we can be reached at Lisa LaJoie Speaking to discuss transforming your next event.

Lisa can speak on personal spiritual transformation topics and business intuitive topics, making her radical truth telling perfect for nearly any audience. Customized speaking topics and programs are available.

The Power of Your Soul – Learning to realign with your Soul’s purpose to ignite a life of happiness and fulfillment. Discover the reason your Soul chose you.

Intuitive Intelligence for Business – Understand and learn to use your own intuition as a tool and powerful guide to build a profitable business and lead you down the road of abundance. Accessing and using your Intuition puts you in a position of leadership which allows you to create the success you want, make leading edge decisions, avoid overwhelm and overcome adversity.

Transformational Tapping – The Tapping Technique helps people take charge of their lives, handle their emotions, open up their manifestational potential, release stress and overwhelm, heal inner wounds and shift limiting beliefs.  In this talk you will gain a tool to take you from mediocre to masterful. Using modern methods to skyrocket your life’s happiness is key to a successful and abundant life.


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