Get a specialty reading with Maverick Phoenix who will tap into the powerful messages held within the tarot using her clairvoyant gifts to bring a cutting edge transformational reading to help you in your life questions and challenges. This is a one on one reading with Tarot Tribe Teacher Phoenix who knows the true ability Tarot has to help a person understand and change their life with its messages.

Phoenix has no limits when using Tarot to uncover what it can do to help you see, understand and prepare for in your life questions. There is a wide variety of wisdom, predictions, lessons and insights that travel through a Tarot reading which reveal massive amounts of knowledge which turn key into powerful help and guidance from the Universal plane.

Investing in a Intuitive Tarot reading will be a well worth while investment. By purchasing a reading or for yourself is like investing in your soul’s potential. With Tarot plus the Universe as your guide, this personalized one on one Divine based reading can bring you into closer alignment with your soul’s purpose, your true ‘calling’ and your Higher Self.


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You have these options for a reading. 15 minute, 30 minute or 45 minutes of Tarot time on the phone or video with Maverick Phoenix to cover your important life questions and get those messages spirit has for me.


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