Thank you Lisa for an incredible session last week! I have so much energy and enthusiasm now and total clarity too! I’m excited about the work you helped me map out to launch with my husband. And I’m totally grateful for the guidance about my team–I’ve already made some changes and feel so much more aligned and lighter. I’ve never had so much actionable vision for now and the next 5 years of my life. Watch out world!  Thank you Lisa!

-Violet Lange, Relationship Mentor


I have had the pleasure of knowing Lisa for the past couple of years. Lisa has helped me develop tremendously both personally and professionally over the past two years. Her honestly, encouragement, insight and professionalism has made her my go-to business and life coach. One meeting with Lisa and you will see why she is one of the highest regarded professionals in her field.
-Daniel Silverman

Wow. Whew! And Woohoo! I’ve worked with a lot of intuitives, but no one has EVER connected so quickly or so deeply as you did, Lisa. In under two hours, you helped me pinpoint my business blind spots, identified the power projects I should focus on, and helped me create a lasting connection with MY Source Code of Success!

Lisa Steadman, Marketing Brand Agent

Lisa LaJoie is absolutely a master at what she does. She over-delivers, which is a rare experience in today’s marketplace. I highly recommend her as she is tapped in and tuned in to her greatness and it will help you bring out yours.

Peggy McCool, Dynamic Destinies

"I didn’t know what to expect when working with Lisa but she came highly recommended from a friend and now Lisa has become an integral part of my team. She helps me see where I am stopping myself and how to unblock it. She helps me sort through mental clutter and overwhelm and gives me direction as to which things to focus on in my business that are right for me. She is tough and all love at the same time."

- Stacey Hylen, Business Optimizer Coach

"As a personal/spiritual coach, Lisa’s approach and guidance are invaluable to me. She has been an integral part of my growth and transformation both as a woman and as a business owner.  Over the past two years she has helped me heal past pain, take ownership and responsibility for myself, build a business that is in alignment with my heart, and soul purpose, and so much more. She continues to challenge me to acknowledge and shift limiting beliefs and work through aspects of myself that stand in my way.
Looking back at how far I have come, my heart is filled with love and gratitude for having Lisa cross my path. I honestly don’t believe I would be where and who I am today without her guidance and support.

- Tammy Italiano, Les Petits Bio Daycare Owner


"When I met Lisa for the first time a year ago, I felt broken, worthless and was at a very low point. I basically felt I was not good enough in all areas of my life, my business, relationship, friendships, and the list goes on… Lisa lifted the curtain on all the BS i was telling myself and made me see my truth, a truth that i created and was accountable for. Since then I feel I have risen like a phoenix from his ashes, I feel confident, independent and ready to thrive for the rest of my life. “Not good enough” is not part of my inner conversation anymore. Mama lisa, i will be forever grateful for all the learnings you taught me, you were a true spiritual worthiness catalyst to me!"

- Laurence Lefebvre, BlankSpace

"Wow! I am blown away at the clarity I received from my session among my heart centered biz! Lisa helped me pretty much create almost week to week how to help my clients more efficiently and start creating a strategy to serve my clients better. It was SUCH an enlightening and much needed session! I am so excited to work with her more to sky rocket my purpose and fulfillment serving others!"

- Vanessa Simpson, Fifth Dimension Therapy

"Loving Ass kicker… This is a great description of whom you will be working with when enrolling with Lisa. If you are really committed to your soul-evolution, Lisa is the ONE. It is a wild ride as you look at “things” you don’t want to see and feel “stuff” you don’t want to feel. All along, Lisa will make sure you are cared for and loved. Her unique ability to connect with spirits and see the future to guide us on the right path is a HUGE asset & I am not sure where I would be now if it wasn’t for all the learning, growing and evolving I went through (and still am) during our sessions..
Being an individual who is committed to my own soul-evolution, I am definitely continuing my work with Lisa and recommend her to anyone who is ready to do the same."

- Julie Anne Christoph, Change Revolution


Lisa is the B.O.M.B. Street smart, biz smart & soul smart she gets me and she will get you. She can tap into what’s going on & where you need to go, like no other. Highly recommended.

Erika Lyremark

Business Design Coach, Daily Whip


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