Transformational Tarot For Beginners

Build your own intuitive muscles and become a better Tarot reader.


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Tarot is an incredibly powerful tool for Universal guidance, spiritual development, personal insight, transformation and a great helper for personal challenges and change. Transformational Tarot for Beginners will show you how Tarot can:  
Guide you in your daily life.  
Help you access your full intuitive potential.  
Help you tap into your own inner wisdom.  
You can have your very own tool for guidance right at your disposal anytime you need it and I would love to show you how! 

This course will teach you:  

  • How to build a personal connection with the Tarot, using simple yet powerful techniques for interpreting the cards and their messages.
  • The Major Arcana; the most important leading cards in the deck and how the Fool travels through them.
  • The different levels of the Major, how they reflect our human experiences and how to identify which you are in.
  • The fundamental (and easy-to-understand) methods that will unlock the messages in the Minor Arcana, and how to clearly interpret the Suit of Cups, Swords, Wands and Pentacles cards so you can accelerate your learning.
  • How to decipher the true symbolism and reveal the true story within each Tarot card.
  • How to decipher and choose questions, how to interpret Tarot card combinations, read the ‘flow’ between Tarot cards, and how to do an in-depth 2-card Tarot reading.
  • How to put the right approach and mindset into the court cards and how to demystify them completely. 
WARNING - without proper guidance, it is easy for Tarot beginners to get lost in the hundreds of spreads and (often contradictory) card interpretations. Don’t worry though, Transformational Tarot for Beginners will guide you in just the way you need.  
I created my own personal strategies to overcome these challenges with her help in. Within a few short months, I became a much more confident and was able to access my intuition as a Tarot reader and I want to share that knowledge with you! 

Hi, I'm Phoenix,

As a clairvoyant medium, tarot alchemist and expert, I am able to tap into energies using the tarot in order to connect to higher guides, ask the right questions and create strategic spreads in order to accelerate transformation using the tarot as a guiding tool.

I know that it is easy for Tarot beginners to try and over learn, studying hundreds of spreads, way to many guidebooks, without having a teacher and going at it alone.  

No need to worry about all that anymore, This is your chance to directly benefit from my tricks, tips and ‘insider secrets’ that come with 18 years of experience as a professional Tarot reader. Instead of feeling stressed and overwhelmed, you will be accessing your full intuitive potential and tapping into your inner wisdom in ways that elevate your passion for life.  

This course will walk you through the 78 Tarot cards, helping you to master each and every one of them. I will show you how to read Tarot more confidently, more intuitively and in a shorter amount of time.  

So let’s get to the nitty gritty…  

Here's how the course will unfold...

Lesson 1

A basic understanding of the cards and what they represent, how to position your mind before a reading. Learn the healing powers of Tarot.

Lesson 2

A basic understanding of the cards and what they represent, how to position your mind before a reading. Learn the healing powers of Tarot.

Lesson 3

The Fool, the most important card in your deck. In this lesson you will learn about the Major Arcana and how it is related to the Fool.

Lesson 4

The meaning of all 22 cards in the Major Arcana and the three planes of the Major Arcana: material / earth, emotional and spiritual. 

Lesson 5

The meaning behind all Minor Arcana cards. What the cups, swords, pentacles and wands each represent.

Lesson 6

The meaning behind each court card and what Pages, Knights, Queens and Kings represent + characteristics and age groups of the cards.

Lesson 7

Best practices, mindset and rituals to prepare yourself for a reading. How to shuffle, pick your cards + use specific spreads in your readings.

Lesson 8

Get more suggested practices and learn how to read Tarot with clients. Get the tools you need to be a good reader.

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Imagine how incredible of a Tarot reader you could be if you were able to avoid the same mistakes I made.  
I have taken all of my personal learning techniques and strategies that I have built and created over the years to become a better Tarot reader and have created this online Tarot course – so you can have a teacher you can count on to keep you on a track to progression that you can feel confident about. 

By the end of the course you will...

  • Have a deep and personal connection with the Tarot cards.
  • Develop the ability to interpret the Tarot cards intuitively and confidently without ever having to memorize their meanings. This is the foundation that will set the tone for your future success as a reader.
  • Gain more clarity and confidence, which will ultimately help you become a deeply intuitive Tarot reader. From here you can use Tarot to transform people’s lives and make a real difference.
  • Never be scared or shocked by ‘bad’ Tarot cards again because you’ll learn how to use them as helpers.
  • Build lasting relationships with like-minded individuals. 

Hear what our students have to say...

I met Phoenix at a time in my life where I wanted to expand on my intuition and spirituality. I had been reading tarot and oracle cards for friends and family, but I wanted to go beyond to explore these lovely tools, to listen to what I wasn’t hearing, I didn’t know where to start.Phoenix offered a beginner tarot class and that is where I started my journey with Phoenix. She taught me how to connect to the gifts I already had (we all have the gifts), to listen to how my own individual talents that called out to me, and gave me the confidence to be authentic with myself so that I can help people and give them messages they needed to hear.  

Today I now do card readings, as well as teach others to listen to their connection to intuition and connecting with spirit. One of the things I liked most working with Phoenix is that she listened to what I wanted, and then made ME work to achieve it, this is what a mentor should be like, she spoke to me with truth and honour and didn’t let me hide from myself, she knew when things would be rough to hear, but always spoke with love and in a safe place. I soon found myself growing in ways I didn’t know I could. I now walk my path with pride and confidence that Phoenix helped me achieve, her teachings are never far from my thoughts and often I hear her in my head encouraging me or offering me hints. I would recommend Phoenix to anyone who wants to explore their intuition, and their connection with spirit, you will learn more than you expected, and will soon be living your authentic life. - Tammy Powell


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