Join Lisa LaJoie and Melanie Richards July 19th - 21st, 2019 at Le Couvent Val-Morin for a weekend of Yoga + Personal Empowerment + Soul Transformation.


Hey there Beautiful Love Warrior Woman,

What would your life look like if you had unshakable faith in yourself?

What would you allow yourself to do, be and have if you loved yourself more than you do right now? 

What dreams would you allow yourself to dream with the support of a tribe of other women?

What limiting beliefs would you release out of your heart and mind if you could?

Women are powerful creators and healers.

Yet, all too often we do not allow ourselves to dream our own dreams because we give so much.

We sometimes forget to nourish our hearts and souls and to take time for our personal dreams and transformations.

Then we end up frustrated and our time and energy gets misdirected toward self-criticism and doubt. This has to change and we can change it with the simple CHOICE of learning to lead our lives with power and purpose!

Hi, this is Lisa and Melanie and we want to invite you on your very own personal transformational trip. A retreat created for women to fill their tank, love each other up and get empowered.

You will learn tools, practices and sacred wisdom to support you on your journey back home to your True Self.

Get ready for a divine experience filled with loving energy in a sacred space of nurturance, safety and connecting to the Highest parts of your being. You will leave with unwavering confidence, creativity, intuition, faith and love.

Something magical happens when women come together to support each other and we are very excited to be on this journey with you.

"May you fall in love with your beauty, your grace, your honour, your courage and your strength." - Yogi Bhajan




"Hi Love Warrior friends, Lisa here. I wanted to take a moment to express that for me, there is nothing more  glorious to my highest heart than to take women who are longing to ignite their personal power, discover their Soul's purpose and learn how to dance within the flame of their hearts on the inner adventure of a lifetime. I know first hand how important it is to take time to dig into ourselves and explore who we are; mind, body and Soul. Doing this personally changed the course of my life many times over in my 55 years.

That is the reason why we have created this summer's weekend empowerment experience. Really! We hope you will embark on this very special retreat hosted in Val-Morin, Quebec and that you choose to join us for this women’s weekend. We will dance in the light of who we are for certain!"

Fabulous Fans Share Their Experience!

Our Room Options

Register and choose your room by signing up below. FYI: These are per person prices and taxes are not included.

Quad ($433)

Think Women's Empowerment slumber party! This is a great option for a group friends or for those who want to make new friends. Only 1 Quad room left!

Double ($544)

A perfect room for you and your Soul bestie.  Hangout, connect and deepen your friendship. SOLD OUT

Single ($655)

If you prefer to have your own space, this is the room for you. A quiet place to integrate, rest and relax. Only 2 Single rooms left!

Register by signing up below

You will be taken to a page to choose your room option. We can't wait to support your highest evolution !

**Buy purchasing and registering for this event, you agree to abide by our cancellation policy: Cancellations before June 15th, 2019 will receive a 100% refund minus a $100 administration fee. Cancellations after June 15th, 2019 will not receive any refund. **

What Can You Expect?

The full celebration of you with other Love Warrior Women as we gather to love and support each other's magnificence. By holding space for one another, you are able to rise into the full embodiment of who you are as a powerful woman of love and light. You will be able to fully embrace your vulnerability with a victorious attitude.
The adventure is in learning to rejoice in who you are and learning how to love every inch of your being.
Yes, we confess, it's true, we get so excited and filled with passion about our enlightenment retreats. We are so very blessed to be connected as powerful partners who facilitate them together.

All You Need To Know About The Retreat!

During our time together the intention and direct purpose we hold in our heart is to shower you with the empowerment of LOVE, and to take you deep down within yourself so you can see how truly beautiful you and your Soul are.

Empowerment starts with you discovering and experiencing your true power as a woman and then knowing how to tap into it.


- A 3 day / 2 night stay at Le Couvent in Val Morin, Quebec.

- All meals throughout the entire weekend. Meals are vegetarian and vegan with gluten free options. Precautions will be taken for any food allergies.

- Yoga with the amazing Melanie in the morning and evening.

- Powerful meditation practices to set you up for life success.

- Workshops with Lisa and (special guest) on:

  • The 3 Laws of Soul Self-Love.
  • Invoking the Power of Your Emotions as a Woman.
  • How to create and set intentions that nourish your Soul.

- Visualization practices that help you manifest your best self.

- Intimate talk circles to share and support each other.

Lisa's workshops throughout the weekend are designed to guide you through the journey of reaching deep inside to find your true self, where your beauty is magnified ten fold. This allows you to begin to see your beautiful self and become fearless in sharing your true heart and vulnerability with those you love.

Lisa will show you how to call in all the magic you are and bring it out into your life, as well as how to release negative ideas you have grabbed over your life about yourself so that you can break past the limitations that come with beliefs that are not truly yours.

Your Body Being...

Yoga is a fundamental part of the weekend as well as being in a simplified space in Nature. 

At times, your body needs simplicity to breathe into itself and to feel free from all the distractions of the city and everyday busy life.

Our retreats give you space to go deeper into body love and nourishment through the special classes offered by Melanie; who is a wonderful yogini of Kundalini, Hatha and Yin. Her 12+ years of experience bring a very special blend of personalized classes aligned with and supporting your weekend learning.

Melanie's meditations take you deeper into the core work of you, through visualization, Kundalini based meditations and deliberate mindfulness expanded practices.

The retreat will be located at Le Couvent Val-Morin, 2043, chemin de la gare, Val-Morin, (Québec), J0T-2R0

1 ( 819 ) 320-0545


Cancellations before June 15th, 2019 will receive a 100% refund minus a $100 administration fee.

Cancellations after June 15th, 2019 will not receive any refund.

Here are some “must brings” for the weekend. We will also be sending you emails as we near the event to remind you what to pack.

  • Comfortable clothing for yoga and outdoor activities.
  • Toiletries.
  • Bug repellent and sunscreen in case you plan on playing outside.
  • Water bottle.
  • Yoga mat.
  • Yoga blanket or shawl for meditation and relaxation.
  • Journal and pen.

If you are not open to learning and growing and discovering your Soul self, this might not be for you. And it is especially not for those who do not enjoy having fun and giggling all while supporting other women in their journey.

How you choose to show up has everything to do with what you will take from this retreat. Being willing and open to transformation, learning and being willing to receive and give support will give you the perfect space to elevate yourself to new heights.

What Fans Are Raving About !

"This retreat that I had with Melanie and Lisa was absolutely amazing. I made a whole bunch of new friends and some of us got to know each other more than others, but we all got to share this amazing energy that I know will be with me forever. And, I got to find myself again. They have also shared tools that I will be using day-to-day with me for the rest of my life. I love you guys both, Lisa and Melanie, thank you so much. And thank you to all my other friends that I met! I love you guys too. "


"If you’re looking for an experience, out of this world. this is it, you want to be here. It was life changing in a Soulful way. I learned so much about myself, and I keep getting gifts and lessons of the weekend as I move on. There’s signs all around, just listen to yourself and believe in yourself and come here to find out who you are and it’s amazing, really great! The feeling I got this weekend was unity and safety, to spread light and joy is the gift and we need to share the gift with others. The food was amazing and soulful and nourishing, but you’re feeding yourself as well. It’s the experience of the yoga, the meditation, the community, the talking with people and making new friendships that are going to be for a long time and not just the weekend."


"If you’re considering coming to something like this in the future, I would highly recommend it. For me, I had the opportunity to really reconnect with myself, to be present, to allow myself to be nourished, by both physically, the food was fabulous, and spiritually, just by connecting with everyone and having meditation time. And physically as well with all the yoga. I can wander out my room and come in and I got to be taken care of. I highly recommend it, these ladies are great. You’ll be in a safe space and something will click. The retreat experience for me was grounding, reentering, nourishing, calming and restful. "

Jessica Dawn

"Lisa is a cornucopia of knowledge. Her wealth of knowledge, wisdom, respect and experience was truly impressive. Her teachings on the planes of existence and chakras were fascinating and were enhanced with visual aids, and guided meditations. It helped make spirituality a tangible concept for me. This retreat was not only valuable in terms of learning, but it was also fun. I found my meditations improved after being on this retreat. My ability to ground, quiet my mind and connect was both simpler and easier. Bonus!"


About The Retreat Leaders

Lisa LaJoie is a master intuitive, helping people seeking higher levels of personal transformation and evolution, and business owners who want to be ahead of their success opportunities. She is a clairvoyant success coach, speaker, intuition expert and owner of the conscious empowerment company Tapping Into It, Inc. She was born with the gift of receiving messages from Spirit. Today, she uses this gift to tune in and help people quickly find answers to life’s tough questions, easily navigate life changing experiences, reach new business successes, find soul and life purpose, passion and profits, she helps clients skyrocket their abundance and connect to their higher calling.

In addition, Lisa offers groundbreaking courses and workshops and hosts international enlightening retreats that are geared towards elevating all levels of your consciousness, your dreams, your business and your spiritual practice. Lisa works with women around the world she believes that women have a sacred intuitive power that needs to be tapped into continue reading here: 


Melanie Richards

Founder and Director of HappyTree Yoga Studio in Montreal [Est. 2007], Melanie leads Hatha, Yin and Gentle Yoga Teacher Training programs. She is a passionate speaker, writer and workshop leader (TEDx Montreal Women, MUHC Conferences, Lymphoma Canada, Cirque du Soleil, Expo Yoga Quebec Blog, Wanderlust Tremblant 2018) on the topics of yoga and meditation. Most recently, Melanie started her own YouTube channel with the goal of bringing together more like-minded people and sharing practices for a heart-centred, soul-fuelled life.

Melanie is both a certified Hatha and Kundalini yoga teacher. Her current influences include Vipassana meditation and the wise guidance of her spiritual teachers, Nischala Joy Devi and Lisa Lajoie. She teaches from the heart with both compassion and humour, and loves nothing more than to help people discover their true purpose and potential. 

Learn more here:


Join us, Master Intuitive Lisa LaJoie, founder of the Empowerment company Tapping Into It, Inc and HappyTree Yoga founder, Melanie Richards for a weekend that will catalyze your dreams into reality. Unblock your subconscious and align you with your soul’s highest purpose and potential.


"Hey friends Lisa here, I want to share with you what it's like to experience Mel's yoga during one of our retreats. Let me put it to you this way I love being at my own retreats because of her classes. Mel creates intimate and customized yoga practice and meditation around our retreat's subject, her touch of masterful meditation and yoga helps everyone integrate their experiences and transformations that I provide during workshops. There are many yoga teachers out there now, but I have to say, Mel who has been creating classes for over 12 years, is one of my all time favourite Yogis. At this retreat she will be designing sacred classes for you the entire weekend. You will experience a variety of Yoga such as Yin, Hatha, Kundalini, guided meditation for topics such as stress, anxiety, self-love, relaxation, letting go, surrendering, deepen your connection to self and spirit. I promise you will love what she brings to our retreats." ~ Lisa LaJoie

"Hi everyone this is Mel, let me be honest, I love my spirit mama Lisa and being with her at our retreats brings breakthrough work to another level. Being in our retreats with Lisa is mind-blowing as I get to play student with everyone and it's such a delight every time. Lisa always surprises everyone with deep channeled messages from the Divine world. It is really something to experience. Having her in my life is like having the Universe on speed dial. Lisa gets to the pain points and blocks and releases them with ease, grace, fun and an enthusiasm for your new directions in life. She communicates and channels with your Soul Tribe helping you know what to do next from the Divine perspective all the while giving practical steps to incorporate it all. I call her the Solution master because she gives you the directions toward the life and purpose you didn't even know was possible. She elevates self love that supports you in doing whatever it takes to love yourself through all challenges and find your true fulfillment. The feeling I've ended up after working with her is the knowing I am not alone."  ~ Melanie Richards

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